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Retirement Plans for Individuals & Small Businesses

There are many types of retirement plans available for individuals and businesses, each with their own limitations as to the amount of contributions that can be made each year and whether or not the amounts are deductible. The following are some of the various types of plans that are available:


Traditional IRAs

Roth IRAs

Simple IRAs

Simplified Employee Pension Plans (SEP-IRAs)

Salary-Reduction SEP-IRAs

One-Person (Solo) 401K Plans

Defined Contribution Plans

401(k); 403(b); 457 Plans

Profit Sharing Plans

Defined Benefit Plans


Each type of plan has its own IRS, DOL & ERISA filing requirements and administrative costs vary with the complexity of the plan. Some types of plans permit loans and some do not.


Many individuals and small business owners require help in selecting the best type of retirement plan that is suitable for their situation. As a CPA that is well versed in retirement planning, I can help you, your business and your employees make the right selection.